SRO (Standing Room Only)

One of the first glowing reviews for the 33rd Street Bistro in 1996 headlined that the restaurant had “Standing Room Only” because it had become such an instant success. We loved the headline, and it became the acronym for the company.

Fred Haines
SRO, Inc. Executive Chef and President

Executive Chef Fred Haines career in the food industry began as a busboy in 1973. After high school, Fred moved to Lake Tahoe and began his work in the back of the restaurant as a cook for Victoria Station. He quickly became the lead cook. In 1983, he went to work for the T.G.I. Friday’s Corporation as a kitchen manager. Fred spent the next 12 years working in award-winning restaurants that included Horatio’s, Scott’s Bar and Grill, Cal’s at John’s Landing, and the Sweetbriar Inn before deciding to open his own restaurant, the 33rd Street Bistro.

Since the successful opening of the 33rd Street Bistro, Executive Chef Haines has taken it upon himself to become a better chef and has trained with the world’s best. He has worked with the French Laundry’s Thomas Keller, Chef Mark Miller, Chef Katharine Bandel of Chez Panisse, Chef Jon Lovie Pardon of Napa Restaurant Las Vegas and Chef Daniel Boulud of Daniel’s in New York. Fred continually seeks to further his education and reputation as one of the area’s premier chefs. SRO, Inc.’s Executive Chef and President believes his personal commitment to growth and excellence is evidenced in the continuing improvement of food quality, presentation and price value in all SRO restaurants.

Fred oversees all back-of-house operations, including but not limited to: menu creation/presentation, selection of vendors, budgetary challenges, chef/management hiring and training and front-of-house service needs.

Matt Haines
SRO, Inc. General Manager and Vice-President

Matt Haines’ work history includes a six-year stint as a supervisor with UPS in which he developed the ability to manage his employees. Matt incorporated the fair and reasonable style of management he learned at UPS into the SRO, Inc. philosophy. He believes that employee accountability eventually rewards the company with staff members that claim “ownership” of their jobs, not as individuals, but as a team.

Matt spent six years in Real Estate, and was doing so when he and his brother decided to open the 33rd Street Bistro in 1995. Matt quickly came on board to become acting General Manager of the restaurant, and soon thereafter set aside Real Estate to become 100% involved in the creation and dream of not only the 33rd Street Bistro but also of SRO, Inc. Matt now oversees all front-of-house operations including but not limited to: preparation of annual budgets, managerial staffing/training, on-the-floor issues.

Katie Hunt
Marketing & Graphic Design

Katie Hunt graduated UC Davis in 2016 with a Bachelors in Art Studio and a focus in photography and video production/editing. In 2014, she sought a career in the field she was passionate about. Katie has spent the last several years working on a wide range of projects for many clients from creating/editing documentaries and taking wedding, family or concert pictures to graphic design, creating promotional material and clothing.


Jenny Hunt
Human Resources & Operations